Project results

The project Innova intends to develop the following outcomes and results:
  • Design a replicable, scalable, and malleable project model and specialised methodology to guide adult educators in validating migrants’ skills and recognising abroad previous working experience.
  • Carry out a training for educators where they exchange best practices, share knowledge and promote the integration of non-formal activities.
  • Develop an online platform to hold project results and make them available for a wider audience, create holistic learning experiences and allow people from around the globe to take advantage of the developed tools, for free.
  • A written report of the documented process held along the project for migration-related data analysis and further action implementation.
  • Hold 4 local partnerships (1 per partner country) between project members, stakeholders, third-party organisations, educational institutions, and/or public bodies, aimed to enhance the dissemination potential of the project.
  • Hold 4 multiplier events (1 per partner country) to disseminate the project’s main aspects, highlight its benefits and attract more collaborators/beneficiaries.
  • The training of 200 adults educators and/or related workers through the creation and execution of an “immigrant skill validation and recognition” programme.
  • The evaluation of 1000 migrants’ performance under the “ReSkill” methodology and correlative tools.

Activity 1

The ReSkill methodology is one of three tools that were
developed for this Project Result. The aim of this guide is to offer complete guidance
and the necessary tools for adult educators to identify, validate, and assess migrants’
skills and core competences, previous work experience, and other relevant attributes.
It includes:

  1. Identification of learning outcomes acquired by immigrants through non-formal and
    informal learning.
  2. Documentation of learning outcomes acquired by immigrants through non-formal and informal learning.
  3. Assessment of the learning outcomes acquired by immigrants through non-formal and informal learning.


Sessions with adult learners (migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, etc.) to present the INNOVA Manual and its teaching methodologies. During the workshops, the students were presented with the manual and the trainers conducted their teachings based on the methodologies learned from the Innova Manual. During these workshops, workshops on digital skills, soft skills and employability were integrated in order to fully test the manual on a practical scale.


Virtual sessions with adult trainers virtually.
During each session a presentation of the INNOVA project was presented including the purpose of the project, the consortium involved, the target groups, the whole result of the project 1 with emphasis on the Innova Manual. After reviewing each section of the manual, they were given time to read it and provide feedback.


The evaluation aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot training and the quality of the INNOVA project manual, specifically designed to train migrants. This global evaluation was conducted through surveys aimed at both trainers and trained migrants. The goal was to understand the results of the training and gather insights into the strengths and areas for improvement of the materials provided.

Project Number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU -000035813